Your “Love Place”: Where in the World Do You Feel Most Aligned?

Everything in nature has a natural rhythm or cadence.

There are seasons for growth, death, and rebirth. Nature knows when it is time to regenerate. Animals give birth in seasons and migrate to where their nature calls them without thinking. They trust their natural instinct and inner calling. They know that their very existence depends on them finding and procreating in places most optimal for their survival.

Human beings also have a natural cadence. Depending on our unique DNA, heritage, experiences, and several other factors, we find flow or cadence with different places, activities, and people

 We rarely stop to consider where we are called to be or in which climates we thrive and regenerate.

 The study of Geopathic Energy is the scientific measure of the natural energy of our world that people refer to as Gaia or Mother Earth. It is a powerful network of energetic lines (also called ley lines) that move through the physical landscape of our planet. Think of them as arteries of the earth where currents and electromagnetic energy pulses through.

 Depending on your personal vibration or cadence, you will either resonate or NOT with the various vibrations of a particular place, nature, or temperament. We call these special places our “love places” because the location, nature, or temperament floods us with love. Take a moment to consider your love places and how you can spend more time there to tap into the powerful energy of Mother Earth.


Write down up to three places/locations/natural temperaments where you feel most alive and energized. If you find this challenging, think about the places that drain or exhaust you. Then consider what the opposite may be.

Maybe it’s a specific town or a particular climate in which you thrive. Is it ocean, mountains, desert, cold, hot, dry, or humid? Consider what makes it resonate with you. How specifically does it feed your soul/spirit/body? Why do you think it’s so important to you?

 For example, I thrive deep in nature in a hot and humid climate. This is why I choose to live in the rainforest in Costa Rica. Maybe you prefer a cooler climate with fresh air and running water.

 Once you have identified what feeds your soul, consider how often you spend time there. And if you can’t physically be in your perfect climate, in what ways can you go there through meditation or visualization. What may it be costing you not to be in your natural cadence?

If you want help finding your natural cadence or creating a life that is perfectly aligned with your true purpose, send us an email.