The story of Air & Water

In December 2015, Maja thought her life was set.

She was living in Los Angeles running a global leadership development company and had settled into a beautiful California lifestyle when a fortunate stroke of serendipity pivoted her life completely.

On the first of January, Maja set an intention to learn to surf. The cold California waters demanded an unappealing wetsuit, so a surf camp in Costa Rica seemed like the perfect solution. Little did she know that this seeming spontaneous decision, would set in motion a series of events that is now Air & Water.

Somewhere between surfing the warm waters and exploring the lush rainforests of Costa Rica, Maja received an unequivocal calling to find “sacred land” and build a center where people could come to disconnect, reconnect, create or transform themselves, their lives and businesses. Where creative energy flows effortlessly and new visions, projects and ideas are born.

By the time she returned to LA, she was ready to act. Within six months, she had sold her possessions, relocated to Costa Rica, and begun her search for the sacred land on which she would build the center.

Armed with a clear vision (and nagging voice asking if she had lost her marbles), Maja travelled all over Costa Rica to find the right land. When she happened upon Punta Uva, a small cove on the Caribbean coast, something magical happened. Maja felt her body and soul merging into complete alignment, a feeling of coming home. This is where she was meant to be.

Not surprisingly, a magical feeling was not enough to persuade this business coach to jump. Over the next three years, Maja repeatedly visited and explored Punta Uva and in August 2019, she was ready to act.

Serendipity again played a role in Maja’s life, when a friend introduced her to Carlos, a local landowner and Costa Rican native, or Tico. A civil engineer, Carlos was happy to share his design and construction expertise

Together, Maja and Carlos found the right land and much more. They discovered a common love for nature, surfing, designing—and one another and turned the dream of Air & Water into a reality.

Today, Air & Water sits on 5,000 square meters (a bit over an acre) of manicured walkways, pristine rainforest trails, and a medicinal garden with over 20 native and exotic fruit trees. A short 3-minute walk takes you to the beach, and another into the rainforest with its bubbling brooks and lush jungle. The land is also home to a family of ducks, rescue dogs, mischievous monkeys and occasional sloths.

The goal has always been to create a space where people come to disconnect, reconnect, create, or transform. A place where it is safe to disconnect from the noise, routines, and hustle bustle of life to re-discover ourselves and each other.

Maja and Carlos take the word “sacred” seriously and consciously choose not to market or promote Air & Water through traditional channels such as social media and Airbnb. As such it’s not open to the public, but is “by invitation” to individuals, families and teams who recognize the magic of nature and desire deep meaningful connections with self and others. They discourage the use of cellphones, photos, and posting on social media and “tagging” Air & Water is not allowed.