Your “Love Buttons”: Discovering the Activities That Activate Your Radiance

Certain activities unlock our natural cadence and allow us to effortlessly shine our light. When we engage in them, we feel totally present, happy, and in sync. They can be things we’ve done for years or brand-new experiences that take us by complete surprise, yet we know, without a shadow of a doubt that we are born to do them.

They light us up from the inside. When we engage in them, we may lose track of time and space, yet they demand that we stay completely present. They often make us feel like a kid again – butterflies in our hearts or a warm steady feeling of contentment and inner peace. In either case, when “pushed,” our internal love buttons flush us with light and joy.

In my experience, the most powerful love button activities happen when we are in our love places (see the previous blog post), but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes the activities bring us to our love places and sometimes the love places bring out the activities.

True personal cadence activities evoke something deep and primal within that is undeniable. When we engage in them, we know we are doing and being our highest selves and they bring us unbridled joy. How well you perform these activities has no effect on how much it helps you radiate joy. Actually, sometimes not being very good at it helps us relax and go deep into the pure enjoyment of it.

I’ve been fortunate to discover two activities that bring me unbridled joy – dancing and surfing. Both seemed to magically find me. Dancing started as a dare. I was an over-worked entrepreneur running on empty. My business coach challenged me to get a hobby and while I disagreed with her advice, I accepted her dare and walked into a dance studio. I signed up for an intro packet of ballroom dance lessons.

That small action not only changed my life, but it also brought more joy than I ever thought possible. Fast forward 6 years and I had an inner calling to sign up for a surf camp in Costa Rica and for the second time in my life, I was introduced to another “love button” activity. Today, I permanently reside in Costa Rica where I surf each day.

Don’t underestimate the power of spending time doing what you love in places that nourish your body, mind, and spirit.


What activities make you really happy? Something that when you think about it tickles your toes and makes your heart skips a beat. If you’re unsure, think about what you loved as a child. Sometimes we can access the past easier than we can the present. What stirred your heart? What made you giggle? Make a list and consider:

  • How much time are you spending doing these activities now? How do they feed your highest self?

  • How do you feel when you engage in them? Use emotions vs. thoughts to describe how you feel.

  • How are you investing in and prioritizing these activities in your life right now? If you don’t, what’s holding you back? What thoughts and actions do you need to change to make room for these activities?