Stillness: The Path to Personal Growth and Happiness

It’s easy to get caught up in the stress of everyday life and begin to feel negative, unhappy, unfulfilled, and pessimistic.  If we are not careful, our worldview can easily become filtered by our external perceptions and feelings.

This is where the powerful practice of stillness comes in.

By dedicating yourself to a practice that increases love, kindness, humility, and compassion you are able to re-wire your brain and heart. This is how we create a life that manifests peace, happiness, and joy.

In stillness, you are able to access your inner guidance and create any thought, feeling, or emotion you desire. It’s a way to listen to your true voice, not the external chatter that we often get caught up in.

Stillness brings about your true essence. Stillness practices, like meditation, quiet time, and flow activities, are an opportunity to make peace with our ego without condemning it. It allows our inner wisdom to transform so that we may that serve our highest purpose, at the perfect time.

By quieting your mind and thoughts, you are able to shift your ego from self-centeredness into other-centeredness. Think of it as a practice to include vs. exclude everything and everyone.

This practice allows us to notice the little things and appreciate the beauty life offers. Imagine practicing stillness for 10 minutes a day. Taking time, just for you, to embrace and appreciate all that you have in life. Doing so regularly re-wires your brain to focus on what is good around you and allows you to manifest more of the same.


What do you need to do/change in order to create 10 minutes of stillness in your day today or tomorrow?

What stillness practice feels right for you? Maybe it’s going for a short nature walk, leaving the phone, and other distractions at home. Maybe it’s 10 minutes of quiet time first thing in the morning? Remember, there is no perfect stillness practice. Notice what works for you and do it consistently.