Smart Brain — Wise Heart: The Science of the Heart

We are taught to be smart before kind. Value thoughts over feelings. We’ve shaped competition, comparison, and calculating our next moves into positive attributes. While these attributes may help us overcome obstacles and get ahead, they leave out an essential and powerful part of what makes us human – the heart.

A smart brain is essential, but a wise heart is what helps us make decisions and actions that are aligned with our truest essence. While many situations require a smart brain – all of them require a wise heart.

Having a wise heart is to know and listen to who we truly are and accept our strengths with gratitude and our limitations without judgment. A wise heart looks at the world with appreciation and gratitude.

A wise heart helps us operate from a place of peace, trust, and wisdom. It allows us to clearly listen to our intuitive guidance and discern the best ways forward.

It helps us look at life and situations with a lens of love versus ego.

Some behaviors that manifest while we act through the lens of our wise heart:

1. Willingness to admit our imperfections.

2. Setting aside ego to develop an authentic relationship.

3. Listening without judging or interrupting.

4. Making others feel valued, important, and appreciated.

5. Oneness.

With a wise heart, irritation, judgment, blame, and resentment can be softened, understood, and dispelled. We essentially train our brain to follow the heart. We lead with compassion and humility, producing high vibrational frequencies that transform not only us but also the world around us.


In what circumstances/scenarios can you opt to use your heart instead of your head to lead the way? What ego-centered behaviors are you ready to let go of (judgment, criticism, gossiping, sarcasm, etc.)?