Heart Coherence and Alignment: The Antidote to Drama and Chaos

The foundation for living in alignment and away from drama is consciously calibrating our heart’s frequency. When our hearts resonate with people, things, and situations around us, we feel aligned and centered. Conversely, when our heart frequency is “off” we tend to gravitate toward drama, gossip, and destructive situations.

According to experts and hundreds of scientific studies, when we “add heart” to what we do, it has a measurable impact on our physical, emotional and mental well-being. The heart is an information-based organ, bigger than the brain. It collects, interprets, and shares vital information with the brain. So why don’t we use or listen to it more often? The simple answer may be that we are simply not used to doing so.

Since 1991, the HeartMath Institutehas researched and developed reliable and scientifically-based tools to help us bridge the connection between our hearts and minds while deepening our connection with the hearts of others. It’s called quick coherence– consciously calibrating your heart with the heart beats of others.

Aligning our hearts with the hearts of others is a choice to experience ourselves and others more fully. It means choosing to live life more consciously without making assumptions, falling into judgements, or getting sucked into negativity. Unfortunately, our environments feed on drama and chaos. Just turn on your TV or check your most recent Facebook/Instagram feed and you’ll see how pervasive the focus on negativity is. Essentially, we’ve invented a new normal that includes focusing on fear, ego, and achievement over creating personal human connections of love and genuine regard for others.

An easy way to practice heart coherence the next time you are with another person is to focus on opening your heart to that person. Visualize positive and beautiful energy flowing from you heart directly to theirs as you listen intently to their words. Notice what you notice. How do you feel? What thoughts or emotions do you experience? As you share your heart energy with him/her, what shifts/changes do you notice in the other person?

It is amazing how this quick exercise can completely shift your opinion of and experience with others. Essentially, you have the power in your heart to positively affect everyone around you without saying a word. As you connect to your own heart consistently you choose the quality of the magnetic and electric field around you.


Small conscious shifts produce powerful results for you and those around you. Try these daily practices to increase your heart coherence:

  • Listen to your personal truth and don’t be afraid to voice it. Others may not love or like your truth but practice speaking it anyway. Notice how it shifts and realigns you with what is true for you.

  • Tap into the energy or the magnetic field of all things around you (people, nature, animals, inanimate objects). Notice what you notice. How do you feel? How does it help you listen to and trust your own intuitive guidance?

  • Allow feelings, emotions, and thoughts to pass through your heart. Observe them as if they were clouds passing by without becoming attached to them (positively or negatively). This practice of non-resistance allows for greater flow and heart coherence.

  • Practice assuming that every person, event, feeling, or emotion arrives for your benefit. Even the challenging ones. Stay in gratitude and seek the learning in the situation.

  • Ask yourself, “What commitments am I making to myself today to live in greater alignment?” “Which situations, people, foods, experiences do you want to consciously shift your energy around to live in greater flow?”

By practicing opening your heart daily, you build greater capacity to live a life in perfect alignment. By committing to doing so, you clear drama, zap negative vibrations, and inspire others to show up more fully.